King Marine boatyard  was established in Valencia in 2005 responding to the increasing international demand of racing sail yachts built with cutting edge technology.

The boatyard is located in Alginet, Valencia, It is  3000sqm and offers state of the art facilties.

-One 32x9x6 m oven for main structures like hulls and Decks.

-One 26,6x8x5 m oven for main structures like hulls and Decks.

-One 9x8x5 m oven and three carbon vacuum tables for internal structures.

Each oven is provided with temperature control to ensure a proper environment for pre-preg lamination. 

- One 2,7 ID x 8m long autoclave.

-Specialized warehousing areas for core materials, dry fiber, Dangerous goods.

-Two clean rooms with controlled temperature for pre-preg Lamination.

-CNC milling machine 1300x2500x100mm.

-Pre-pregs warehouse at -17ºc.

-Back up power generator.

-Office for owner representatives.

-Ultrasonic NDT machine.

-Thermographic camera.

- Gantry Crane 2 x 6,4 tons

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King Marine S.A. - Pol Ind. Sur , nº 23   - 46230 Alginet (Valencia) - Tel: +34 961 759 212