The regattas have come to an end! It was a great event, which King Marine hopes to repeat. After sharing a few days of good wind and good food, these are the results:

King Marine would like to thank everyone for coming and respecting Covid's safety measures. We look forward to seeing you, as always, at home.

Roberto Lacorte's sailing team, FlyingNikka, and the Design Team led by Irishman Mark Mills of Studio Mills Design, with the support of Project Manager Micky Costa, are in the final design stage of the new super futuristic Mini Maxi Foil FlyingNikka, a 19-meter equipped with state-of-the-art appendages to sail in full foiling at over 40 knots of speed.

King Marine will build this new generation of foiling monohulls. The foil system, hydraulics and mechatronics will be manufactured by Italian companies.

It is scheduled to be launched in 2022.


Thomas Normand (MerConcept executive director) said on his Linkedin: "Very happy and proud to see MerConcept involved on this exciting project coming from Dirk Kramers imagination, powered by VPLP design in collaboration with Madintec on flight control system and King Marine for hull construction". 🚀