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Roberto Lacorte says: "Magical moment, she is amazing".

We are proud to announce that both, the Flying Nikka and the Electric Foiling Catamaran, have been award winners at the the fifth edition of the Foiling Awards in Milan! 😱

Both have been built by King Marine 💪🏼. Flying Nikka was winner for the Project category, and the Electric Foiling Catamaran won on Motorboat category.

We want to thank and congratulate all the parties involved @r.lacorte, @flyingnikka , @millsdesignldt Pure Engineering, Cariboni, @faroadvancedsystems@merconcept_ , Dirk Kramers, VPLP, Madintec, @Kosselccontrol, @miguelcosta5353 , refraschini, and especially to King Marine team, this couldn't be made without you. The recognitions demonstrates that we are on the right path. Cheers and good winds! King Marine we'll keep pushing hard 👊🏼

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