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pyewacket 70 -built by king marine- Overall Winner of the 2023 RORC Caribbean 600

Roy P. Disney’s Pyewacket 70 (ex VOR Telefonica), won the 2023 RORC Caribbean 600 in 42hs, 45 minutes and 06 seeconds. None of the teams still racing under IRC has any realistic chance of beating Pyewacket 70 after time correction.

Pyewacket 70 joins an impressive list of overall winners from the United States; Warrior Won, Wizard, Rambler 88, Bella Mente, Shockwave, Privateer, and Rambler 100.

Pyewacket 70 Crew: Ben Mitchell, Peter Isler, Tony Mutter, Brad Jackson, Brian Janney, Daryl Wislang, David Tank, Jan Majer, Mark Callahan, Matt Mialik, Robbie Kane, Rodney Daniel, Tristan Louwrens.

Congratulations to all the team, thanks for bringing King Marine to the podium, once again!


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